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For upholstery cleaning San Diego, our upholstery cleaning San Diego experts will see to it that stains from your furniture are removed without damaging your fine fabrics. We also handle vinyl and some leather, with great care so you can have all your favorite pieces look like new.

If you need upholstery cleaning San Diego, give us a call – we’re the top upholstery cleaning San Diego has to offer we’re and happy to help!

Give us 1% of your confidence and we will earn the other 99%!

Upholstery Cleaning San Diego

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• Area Rug Cleaning
• Odor Removal
• Spot Removal
• Pet Stains

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• Mattress Cleaning
• Airplanes
• RV’s
• Yachts

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Our Footprint

We use the highest efficiency equipment available.  Our equipment is optimized to decrease the use of natural resources like water, electricity and labor. Our solution is more than just another “green” product.

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